Mississauga, 09/01/2024: The challenge of practically any industry in today’s world is maintaining digital operations. Everyone from healthcare working with patient profiles to government agencies handling massive volumes of data stored on remote location drives requires a method to secure, retrieve, and manage this information. The problem shows up whenever those storage devices undergo upgrades, get infected with viruses, or simply decide to stop working.

In an effort to create an all-in-one solution for IT professionals hoping to overcome these challenges, there is a robust application called Active@ LiveCD 23. This is a collection (suite) of software tools that cover everything from restoring accidentally deleted files essential to your financial office to effectively wiping sensitive information from law enforcement drives.

With Active@ LiveCD 23, you get more assurance that when a data lapse happens in your organization, you have a clear pathway forward to lessen any downtime. Even when your intern decides to spill coffee on a bank of HDDs meant for refurbishment, you have a way to recover the data, eliminate any traces of leftover information, and move on with your transition to new PCs.

Active@ LiveCD 23 includes a wealth of tools for retrieving crucial information. These include working through Active@ Partition Recovery and Active@ UNDELETE. You’ll be able to quickly retrieve lost files you thought were damaged and deleted volumes that were erased during transitions.

If you are more concerned about security issues when working with confidential records, take advantage of Active@ Live CD 23’s data security tools. Leverage Active@ KillDisk Desktop to ensure you have complete destruction of any sensitive information via stringent standards like DoD 5220.22M. Even when your system has older passwords from legacy users, you can shift them to new ownership through the Active@ Password Changer tool that resets Windows OS family attributes and password credentials.

What makes this suite of utilities so unique is the flexibility. With Active@ LiveCD 23, you can quickly adapt to a broad range of challenges that threaten the integrity of your data resources or the speed of your productivity. Whether you need to boot up a non-functioning PC for data access or you’re aiming to connect via various networking options, Active@ LiveCD 23 supports it all.

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