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How should I format my press release for submission to your site?

Our website provides a template that aligns with the standard press release format. It includes sections for your headline, subhead, dateline, introduction, body, boilerplate, and media contact information.

Do you adhere to the standard press release formatting guidelines?

Yes, our platform follows standard press release formatting guidelines. We encourage submitters to follow these guidelines to ensure their press releases are suitable for broad distribution.

What are the benefits of using your free press release distribution services?

Our free press release distribution services offer the opportunity for your news to reach journalists and media outlets globally, thereby increasing visibility and potential media coverage without any costs.

How do I send my press release email to your distribution service?

You can submit your press release through the submission form on our website or send it directly to our dedicated email address.

How can I ensure that my press release reaches a broad audience through your free press release distribution?

Crafting a newsworthy press release with a compelling headline and ensuring it is optimized for relevant keywords can increase its reach.

Can you provide an email address or phone number for further queries regarding your services?

Yes, for any queries, please contact us at


Do you offer a media contact list that press releases can be sent to?

We do not provide a media contact list directly, but our distribution service sends your press release to a wide network of journalists and media outlets.

Can you guarantee that my press release will be picked up by multiple media outlets?

While we cannot guarantee media pickup as it depends on the newsworthiness of your press release, we assure broad distribution across various media outlets.

What is the procedure to send your press release through your service?

You can submit your press release through the form on our website. Please ensure it adheres to the standard press release format for better results.

What makes a good press release that attracts substantial attention from journalists?

A good press release is concise, well-written, newsworthy, and contains a compelling headline, relevant details, and impactful quotes.

How can I submit my press release to your distribution service?

You can submit your press release through the form on our website.

Can I expect enhanced media coverage when I share my press release through your platform?

Yes, our distribution network can enhance the reach of your press release, increasing the possibility of media coverage.

What are the key elements to include when I write a press release for your platform?

Ensure to include a compelling headline, a summary, the body of the press release, about the company, and media contact information.

Do you distribute press releases to journalists or just post them on your site?

We distribute your press releases to a network of journalists, as well as posting them on our site for maximum visibility.

Can my press release be shared on social media platforms through your service?

Absolutely, we automatically share your press releases on various social media platforms to ensure maximum reach.

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