For Immediate Release – Toronto, Ontario – 9/20/2023 – SwimOP, a leading advocate for the preservation of Ontario’s aquatic environments, is thrilled to announce a collaborative initiative with Ontario Place for All to safeguard and celebrate the Ontario Place West Island’s natural heritage. The groups are hosting a joint event on Saturday 2023 September 23rd (Fall Equinox) focusing on conservation, community engagement, and placemaking, culminating in the unveiling of their collaborative Action Plan to Save Ontario Place West Island.

Date: Saturday, 2023 September 23rd
Time: 3:30pm
Location: Michael Hough Beach, Ontario Place West Island. For maps and directions on how to get there, see

The event will be held during the last half-hour of Ontario Place for All’s 2 pm-4 pm get-together and will mark the launch of the joint initiative aimed at protecting the Michael Hough Forest and Beach at Ontario Place West Island. Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in activities that celebrate the Fall Equinox and Nuit Blanche, as well as the Ontario Placemaking Symposium also held there this Saturday.

About Placemaking
Placemaking is a social and cultural concept originating from the 1960s, popularized by urban writer Jane Jacobs. It advocates for the citizen ownership of streets and public spaces, achieved through collective “eyes on the street.” Ontario Placemaking expands on this concept by focusing on citizen engagement with Ontario Place, encapsulated in the hashtag #eyeOP (eye/eyes on Ontario Place).

The Plan
The Action Plan focuses on Michael Hough Beach as a starting point—or beachhead—for a broader initiative aimed at preserving the trees and natural habitats of West Island, specifically Michael Hough Forest. SwimOP and Ontario Place for All believe that the collaborative efforts of communities and organizations can bring about lasting, impactful change.

We invite members of the press, community leaders, and the public to join us in this critical initiative. Together, we can ensure that Ontario Place remains a living tribute to our natural heritage, a community gathering space, and a beacon for sustainable development.

About SwimOP
SwimOP is an organization dedicated to the preservation and betterment of aquatic environments in Ontario. It has been instrumental in various community projects aimed at aquatic conservation.

About Ontario Place for All
Ontario Place for All is a coalition of community groups, stakeholders, and citizens who share a common vision of preserving the iconic status of Ontario Place as a public, accessible hub for culture, recreation, and education.

For press inquiries, please contact:

SwimOP Press Contact
Steve Mann or Perry Toone

Join us in making a difference. With your support, we can preserve the essence of Ontario Place for generations to come.