ATLANTA, June 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Privacy4Cars, the first and only mobile process designed to help erase Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from modern vehicles, announced today that its namesake app, Privacy4Cars, is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices. The Privacy4Cars app enables consumers and businesses to quickly and efficiently delete personal data retained by modern vehicle infotainment systems.

The first-of-its-kind app was developed by Andrea Amico, a renowned expert in vehicle privacy and cybersecurity. Amico founded Privacy4Cars amidst growing industry frustration over how modern vehicles retain PII, and the complexity required to remove all information properly. Amico’s goal with Privacy4Cars is to offer the same simplified vehicle security and privacy compliance solution to consumers, dealers and fleets.

“To date, there has not been an adequate effort to educate vehicle users on the dangers of leaving their Personally Identifiable Information in vehicles they no longer use,” said Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico. “People would not want to hand their phones and all their data to strangers – yet they often fail to realize that this is what they do every time they sell a vehicle, return a rental car, or participate in a car sharing or subscription program.”

Through his work in the industry, Amico has found that even when people make an effort to delete personal information from vehicle infotainment systems they are often forced to use outdated manuals or pay outside service providers and dealers.

“In the wake of General Data Protection Regulation, consumers around the world are demanding to know where their personal information is being stored, and to use their right to be forgotten,” continued Amico. “A simple way that vehicle owners and operators can protect their privacy is to be mindful of the data stored in vehicle infotainment systems and properly erase the information- especially if a car is sold, leased, rented, or shared.”

Privacy4Cars’ patent-pending process provides customized, visual step-by-step tutorials to help users quickly erase personal information such as phone numbers, call logs, location history and garage door codes from vehicle infotainment systems. App users are able to select from hundreds of vehicle makes, models and years, and new vehicle makes and models are added weekly. During its promotional launch period the Privacy4Cars app will offer ten free vehicle data wipe tutorials upon download. Additional wipe tutorial packages start at $1.99.

While Privacy4Cars is available to consumers and businesses with a small fleet as a stand-alone app, it is also available to manufacturers, auto auctions, fleet management companies, car rental or car sharing operators, vehicle subscription services, large private and government fleets, auto lenders, auto insurance and dealer groups as an SDK [software development kit] that can be embedded into existing apps.

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Privacy4Cars is the first and only platform designed to help erase Personally Identifiable Information, including phone numbers, call logs, location history and garage door codes, from modern vehicles. Developed by a cybersecurity and vehicle privacy expert, Privacy4Cars lets users select car make, model and year, and provides customized, visual step-by-step tutorials to quickly clear vehicle users’ personal information while building a compliance log. Privacy4Cars’ patent-pending process is available to consumers and small fleets as a stand-alone app for iOS and Android, and to manufacturers and businesses owning, servicing, or managing a large amount of vehicles as a SDK [software development kit] that can be embedded into their existing apps.