Press Release Guidelines

Guidelines and Best Practices for Press Release Submissions

As one of the premier press release services online, we review numerous press releases every day. While some are excellently crafted, others require amendments and adjustments. Minor mistakes can undermine your credibility. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of common errors to avoid during press release submission.

  1. Insufficient Content – Numerous press releases fall short of approval due to a lack of meaningful content. While brevity is important, a too-short press release might omit critical information. We recommend maintaining a length of approximately 300 words. For effective utilization of this word count, refer to our Press Release Writing Tips.

  2. Use of All Upper Case Characters – Press releases written in all upper case characters is unacceptable. The same goes for headlines in all caps. Such usage can lead to press release rejection.

  3. Grammatical Errors – Even seasoned writers can make grammatical errors. Always proofread your release before submission.

  4. Overly Promotional Content – A press release shouldn’t sound like an advertisement. If it appears you’re simply promoting a product rather than delivering news, your press release may be declined.

  5. Formatting Errors – Occasionally, press releases may contain odd characters or poor formatting due to the submission process. Verify that your press release is formatted correctly and free from strange characters.

  6. Incorrect Word Wrapping – We provide the editor, so let your sentences flow naturally. Do not insert a hard line break at the end of each line. Insert a line break only at the end of each paragraph.

  7. Copyright Infringement – eFreePR prohibits the use of copyrighted material in any way that infringes upon the copyright owner’s rights. If copyright is disputed, the press release will be immediately removed, regardless of the parties’ arguments. Authors should be aware of significant personal liability if found in violation of copyright laws. Violators of copyright law are legally accountable and subject to potential fines.

We’re excited to continue our journey as your trusted partner in internet press release distribution, and look forward to a long, successful future together.

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