Toronto, 04.07.2023 – Thexyz and Open-Xchange are excited to announce the availability of OX Cloud via Thexyz, providing organizations and businesses with the ability to utilize an open-source email and collaboration suite.

To facilitate this, Thexyz has developed the Thexyz Cloud Connector (TCC), which empowers users to add customers, connect mail domains, and manage users. Thexyz anticipates continuous enhancement of this provisioning tool, including the introduction of automated invoicing.

With OX Cloud and our TCC provisioning platform, Thexyz can now offer customers a secure, open-source, and fully integrated email and collaboration suite as a cloud solution. Consequently, our customers can commence using OX App Suite right away and at a competitive price point. There is no convoluted in-house deployment, and GDPR compliance is intrinsic, based on Canadian data centers,” stated Pete Gardener, Director of Sales at Thexyz.

Thexyz Cloud Connector equips small businesses with limited or no IT expertise to digitalize their business communications. As an open-source alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, data protection and GDPR compliance are implicit.

“With OX Cloud we are strengthening our longstanding partnership with Thexyz, which is perfectly positioned to offer the feature-rich fully hosted cloud email and collaboration platform as a genuine open alternative to the hyperscale competitors. Leveraging reliable technology, OX Cloud is straightforward to provision and use, and can propel profitable and sustainable email opportunities for companies of all sizes,” stated Frank Hoberg, co-founder and Chief Sales Officer at Open-Xchange.

Thexyz is an OX distributor and an experienced partner of Open-Xchange. Thexyz has been serving businesses and organizations since 2007. As a nimble company, Thexyz maintains close relationships with customers and partners. As an OX distributor, Thexyz provides OX Cloud as well as other products like OX App Suite and OX Dovecot Pro.

About Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange (OX) is a developer of secure and open communication and office productivity software, IMAP server software, and DNS solutions. Since 2005, it has collaborated with several of the world’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telcos, and carriers to provide Open-Source email and productivity solutions including secure storage, file, and document management. OX Dovecot is the world’s most popular IMAP server software, and OX PowerDNS delivers secure DNS services to telco customers and their users globally. Software developed by Open-Xchange is utilized by 200 million people worldwide. Its headquarters are in Germany, with offices across the country and international branches in Finland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA. For additional details, visit