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Richard Finger, a renowned Houston Businessman and Founder of Republicans for Pro-Choice asserts that for Republicans to secure victory over Democrats in the Presidential election, they must change their stance on abortion. 

According to The Lines, the current President, Joe Biden, is considered the frontrunner and most sportsbooks place the odds of around +150 for winning the Presidency in 2024. Finger highlights that Biden’s lead should serve as a wake-up call for Republicans, signaling the need to change their stance to regain control of the White House.

“That Joe Biden leads in any poll after the apocalypse he has wrought on America should send a loud message to the “other party.” If the polls are true, and that’s certainly open to question, then Donald Trump might be the only person in America unable to beat the deaf, dumb, and blind Biden,” argues Finger.

Republicans for Pro-Choice asserts that there is substantial support within the Republican Party to permit abortions during the first trimester. According to the organization, they claim that 74 percent of Republicans favor such policies. Republicans for Pro-Choice aims to change the highly restrictive abortion law in Texas. This law, enacted after the repeal of Roe v. Wade, criminalizes all abortions, including those arising from cases of rape or incest, with potential imprisonment as a penalty. Republicans for Pro-Choice have led the call for a compromise. The Republican Party needs to adapt to the changing times, recognizing that while abortion should always be a last resort, there may be circumstances where it is necessary and should be legally accessible, states Republicans for Pro-Choice.

“Regardless, no Republican will capture the White House without moderation on their draconian position on women’s reproductive rights,” exclaims Finger.

Women are powerful, says Finger. With every passing election cycle, the number of Senators, Congresswomen, and other elected officials from diverse backgrounds has continued to increase. There are now more women in the current 118th Congress than ever before. The influence and power wielded by women in politics are steadily expanding. While it is important to respect the viewpoints of Pro-Life proponents, various surveys consistently indicate that a substantial majority of voters seek a reasonable middle ground regarding this delicate issue, explains Republicans for Pro-Choice.

“Women are 28 percent of Congress and more than 50 percent of medical and law school enrollment; they are powerful. Democrat or Republican, they don’t want 70-year-old white Republican males telling them what to do with their bodies,” states Finger.

For more information about Republicans for Pro-Choice, visit Republicans for Pro-Choice (republicansforprochoice.com)

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