Lyon, 14/08/2023

TSplus, a leading software developer specializing in Remote Desktop solutions, has announced the release of Server Monitoring 5.4, their powerful monitoring and reporting tool for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) infrastructures. The latest version of Server Monitoring now offers the ability to monitor Linux servers, in addition to Windows servers, making it an even more versatile and essential tool for RDS and network administrators.

Server Monitoring is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for monitoring and reporting on the health and performance of RDS infrastructures. With real-time alerts, customizable dashboards and a wealth of performance metrics, it allows administrators to easily identify and troubleshoot issues, optimize resources, and ensure maximum uptime for their RDS environments.

Windows and Linux Server Monitoring Combined in A Comprehensive Solution for Remote Desktop Administrators

“Server Monitoring has always been a must-have tool for RDS administrators,” says Dominique Benoit, CEO of TSplus. “With the addition of Linux server monitoring, it’s now an even more powerful and essential solution for managing complex RDS environments.”

Dominique Benoit

The new Linux server monitoring feature in Server Monitoring 5.4 allows administrators to monitor key performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk space, and network activity on Linux servers, alongside the existing Windows server monitoring capabilities. This provides a unified view of the entire RDS infrastructure, making it easier to spot trends, identify bottlenecks and take proactive measures to optimize performance.

The release of Server Monitoring 5.4 also includes several other improvements and bug fixes, as outlined in the changelog available at . The online documentation provides more detailed information on the product features and capabilities: .

“We’re very excited about the new Linux server monitoring feature in Server Monitoring 5.4,” adds Benoit. “It’s a game-changer for our customers who operate mixed Windows and Linux server environments, and it demonstrates our commitment to delivering the most comprehensive and reliable RDS solutions in the market.”

Dominique Benoit

To learn more about Server Monitoring and to download the free 15-day trial, visit . With the ability to monitor both Windows and Linux servers, Server Monitoring is the ideal solution for RDS and network administrators who need to ensure the health and performance of their infrastructures.