[Toronto] – Mersivity, the pioneering force driving technology’s fusion with humanity and the environment, proudly announces the upcoming Mersivity Symposium 2023. Set to take place in Toronto on December 14th, this annual symposium is the world’s foremost gathering of thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries at the forefront of technology’s alignment with both sustainability and society.

“Sustainability is perhaps the most pressing issue facing the global community today… The ideas raised in this symposium remind us of the vital importance of harnessing technology in the service of people and planet. Just across the street from the symposium’s venue. There’s a wonderful example of this. Beneath King’s College Circle, we’ve created Canada’s largest Urban geo Exchange system” said Meric Gertler, President of the University of Toronto. “This is an example of technology as a sustainable, harmonizing and connecting force. The kind of Humanistic Intelligence explored and celebrated at this important symposium.”

“We see technology as an essential tool that should have a dual role to both (1) enhance society and (2) protect our natural world. This philosophy drives our commitment to Mersivity – a mandate for technology in service of both humanity and the environment.” said Steve Mann, inventor of the smartwatch, wearable computer, and HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging

Mersivity is technology that serves us and our environment by creating a bridge between us (the “invironment”) and the world around us (the environment). An example of Mersivity is an immersive and submersive digital eyeglass. It can immerse us (like fully immersive virtual reality) and it can be immersed / submersed by us (you can wear it in the rain or go swimming or hiking with it). Such technologies connect us with nature rather than isolating us from nature.

The symposium will feature an impressive lineup of speakers and presenters from esteemed institutions including IEEE, MIT, and Stanford University. These luminaries will share insights, innovations, and visions that explore the intersection of the physical, virtual, and social worlds.

We are inviting everyone to join us for this transformative event. The Mersivity Symposium 2023 promises an inclusive platform to delve into cutting-edge discussions, collaborative networking, and visionary ideas that will shape the future of technology and its impact on us and our world.

The symposium will support both in-person and virtual participation, enabling global engagement. To register and discover more about the Mersivity Symposium 2023, visit