Moscow, 03/01/2024

November 24, 2023: Every day, organizations like law enforcement agencies requiring key evidence for a case to enterprise businesses needing to transfer over critical digital assets have to get into iPhones and related iOS devices. That process can quickly get out of hand when you or your team doesn’t have the correct passcodes, Face ID, or biometric authentication necessary to retrieve the information. Enter the power of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.

Whether you are working with encrypted backups, analyzing previously synchronized data points, or decrypting passwords directly from the expansive Apple iCloud, this software has you covered. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker uses full-fledged support for iOS 16, iPhone SE 2022, and the entire range of iPhone 14 products. Any local or cloud backup produced by these devices is made available through a straightforward user interface.

What is more, is that this unique software allows more than simple file acquisition. The tool gives insightful breakdowns by decrypting the iCloud Keychain, revealing secrets inside the iOS’s encrypted vault. Imagine how much more beneficial that will be when you have a forensic analysis team trying to work around an individual’s credentials.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker uses GPU acceleration, ensuring any decryption or recovery process you use will be as quick as possible. This is achieved by using all available hardware to expedite retrieval, so if you have a time-sensitive investigation, you are not restricted by unwanted downtime.

With cross-platform compatibility and support for iCloud and Microsoft Accounts, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker provides a legally and ethically compliant tool for everything from government agencies to IT support professionals. Get the Screen Time passcodes needed to reset information or extract essential Health and Messages from the iCloud, complete with any attachments. No matter if the target device is using Skype, OneDrive, or Vault files, you can gain access through Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.

Now, you can swiftly retrieve key information for backups, recovery, or downloading. Visit and discover the many features and benefits this tool brings to your organization.