Mississauga, 26/06/2023

June 23, 2023: Everyone’s lives revolve around using the latest technology. Whether we like it or not, family photos, old digitized videos, and even sales receipts for new iPhones are always sitting around our computers. With all that data, accidental file deletion or disk formatting can be a devastating experience.

Fortunately, a powerful tool can come to the rescue – Active@ File Recovery 23. This efficient and user-friendly software specializes in recovering lost files, damaged volumes, and even restoring data from unbootable systems.

Active@ File Recovery ensures minimal downtime by regularly capturing system snapshots. That takes all the confusion out of maintaining your systems on your own. These snapshots serve as backup instances of your unique computer work environment.

This easy-to-use software excels at retrieving various files from your system. That even includes compressed, encrypted, or damaged documents. So whether your data has fallen victim to viruses, accidental disk formatting, or corruption, Active@ File Recovery can easily scan your system and recover lost files.

The program can be loaded onto removable USB or SSD devices, enabling you to recover data from unbootable systems. With this functionality, you can retrieve your files even from damaged PCs that seem beyond repair.

This user-friendly software supports a wide range of storage media, including various drives, RAID disk arrays, USB flash drives, and memory cards. No matter where you last stored your critical and personal files, this tool has you covered, ensuring that your files are safe from loss or accidental deletion.

The team behind the hassle-free software has recently expanded its capabilities. Active@ File Recovery provides support for VMware and VirtualPC virtual machine environments. It also utilizes active scan technology, recognizing over 150 unique types of lost files.

To learn more about Active@ File Recovery and its latest version, visit Stay up to date with the newest features, including improved recovery of NTFS volumes, an upgraded recovery kernel, integration with the Qt framework version 5.12.5, Active@ Boot Disk based on Windows 11 22H2, and the ability to store configuration for WIM PXE boot.