Mississauga, 16/01/2024 – Endless organizations need to protect every byte of data that flows through their processes. From government agencies working on top-secret missions to massive blue-chip businesses relying on decommissioned devices when upgrading systems.

With all of that changeover, critical software applications like KillDisk Industrial 6.0.7 offer a unique opportunity for out-of-the-box organizations that may not come to mind. This is a surefire way to erase vital and sensitive data from hundreds of storage devices simultaneously. That way, educational institutions storing underage student info, healthcare providers dealing with HIPAA, and even theme parks protecting future planning outlines from competitors have a way to safeguard their data.

This software works equally well on Windows or Linux formatted storage devices and systems. KillDisk Industrial 6.0.7 includes a wealth of efficiency features that prioritize your data’s security. This can be everything from robust automation so you can work with numerous drives at a time to certification and labeling that make it easy for later reference and storage.

Among the exciting new features is the Disk Clone function. Need to create a duplicate of essential data? Get it done seamlessly! Additionally, the application now has a stylish Dark theme and context help for user ease.

To further extend the software’s capabilities, you’ll find support for SAS Expanders and Dynamic ports for layouts, ensuring the software’s adaptability to various storage configurations.

KillDisk Industrial 6.0.7 offers enhanced ports to bays assignment for LSI controllers, especially on the Windows platform. The feedback from the vast user community has enabled this application to increase the application log’s events output. Even the approach toward damaged disks and bad sectors is improved to ensure your data’s integrity remains unscathed.

Under the hood, KillDisk Industrial 6.0.7 remains as robust as ever. Supporting U.S. DoD 5220-22M erasure, along with 20+ international sanitizing standards, data, once deleted, is gone for good, ensuring zero leakages. With the in-built SMART Monitor, File Browser, and Hex Viewer, you are always in the driver’s seat, fully aware and in control of your disks.

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