Toronto, Ontario Apr 19, 2023 (  – Pet Success Ottawa, Pet Success Glebe and Pet Success Toronto partner with schools, libraries and community centres to provide Pet Therapy.

Pet Success and its team know how mentally and physically important to own a dog or/and have two dogs, especially during challenging times. Dogs have an endless amount of love to give when they are safe, respected and happy.

Pet Success has been training international therapy and service dogs for over ten (10) years and with its first retail store opening Pet Success Glebe, clients, teens and children can visit the store for their regular pet therapy sessions and bonding time with Pet Success Service dogs.

Pet Success retail store will be a Second Home in the Glebe community preparing children, teens and families for pet ownership. Pet Success reminds pet enthusiasts meeting pets in the community to always ask permission to pet dogs, approach dogs slowly and don’t disturb them if they are napping. Everyone needs sleep!

Pet Success does not believe in kennels and will never put dogs in a kennel. All pets will have comfortable cozy beds and open spaces to relax and socialize in with hands-on 24/7 supervision and 24/7 camera access given to pet parents.

Pet Success’ promise is that every dog will be treated like Royalty and every dog will be treated like a family dog because the Pet Success team welcomes all dogs as family.

Pet Success’ brand and approach to everything involving pets is that every pet can be trained with love, respect, acceptance and consistent boundaries.

Pet Success’ number one priority is to have happy dogs and pets love the challenge and consistency training gives them; training increases the happiness of pets. Pets want to please their parents and make them happy so crave excellent training and respond well to training.

Pet Success’ brand and vision are spiritual and based on universal love, acceptance, and support for all living beings. Pet Success Glebe will feature a very new, relaxed and nature oriented environment within the Pet Success retail store. Chief Visionary Officer 18-year-old Alex Emmanuel who has worked as a pet trainer and artist since the age of 14 says the theme is “ Everyone is Welcome at Pet Success and Pet Success is a place of peace, and relaxation where all your pet needs can be met and more”.

Pet Success Glebe opens on May 1st but Pet Success has been delivering all brands of pet food through home delivery with “pay at the door” since April 6, 2023, with over 117 Glebe homeowners receiving pet food at their homes. Glebe homeowner Kyle says, “It was such a treat and very convenient to call 613-710-6688 and have my dog’s favourite food delivered to my door that evening. I tapped my card, took my dog food and life was pretty easy that day. I am definitely using the Pet Success Home Delivery again”.

Pet Success Pet Therapy is now offered in Toronto, Ottawa and surrounding areas. Call or text 613-710-6688 for 20 minutes of love from a Pet Success furry friend who can’t wait to meet you.