New York City, New York Jul 28, 2023 (  – The fear of living in own authenticity is often looked down upon by society or those who seek to control others’ thoughts and actions. Being the ‘The Happiness Warrior’, Eric North knows exactly how to deal with the situation where it is often considered that “Men are in trouble”. In a world where political and societal manipulation can make a person shift from their true self, Eric offers the tools and practices to progress effectively and authentically. This versatile persona is an advocate for true happiness that can help everyone find the right path in life. Confusion is the source and the key to all these thought-provoking attributes that emit negative energy. Now, it is time to revive with Eric.

Hormones play a vital role in triggering deeper emotions and most men are unhappy or in confusion as a result of hormonal impact. Misled about masculinity, most men in the USA and abroad are struggling to address their true identity. Regardless of gender, Eric believes that the true values or qualities of humans lie in loyalty, courage, humility, and truth. These are the principles that can make a man more sensitive, open-minded, and kind while the world denies believing. There is no need to put a label on any person who is different or seeks to be different. Being the Happiness Warrior, Eric advises men to be more respectful in dialogue in order to unite, be stronger, and thrive. Men are not in trouble, but can amicably grow with everyone.

The concerning fact of following a different identity is self-destructive hypocrisy. People tend to spend much time worrying about what others are thinking about them and while so much energy is being invested in false perceptions, it can be channelized through truth that offers true happiness. Eric shows the importance of looking within in order to get the brutally honest picture that defines a person’s true identity. Being a gay person who lined through deception, and self-created shame for many years; Eric understood how to follow heart and intention. The Happiness Warrior is now paving the way for everyone in this world that is obsessed with classification. Eric has gone through a fair share of ups and downs in his life and with the experience; he knows exactly how to pull others out from that pit. He is offering the knowledge and practices that can help a person walk in confidence and peace just like he does.

The stereotypical ideas of femininity and masculinity can make a person suppress their true identity. Instead of living in fear, one must learn that vulnerability creates the ability to rise and raise one’s vibration. Everyone has the right to be happy and define their feelings along with the people who love and can guide them. In order to walk through that door, everyone must learn the practices of spiritual freedom that help to embrace ‘free spirits’. Empathy and understanding should not be only practiced outside the house but also inside the house where parents can accept and support their children for who they actually are rather than what dreams they have regarding their children. Eric knows that in order to gain true happiness, one must have a good bond with their parents and vice versa which makes it healthy for all.

Positive energy and goodwill can help a person transform anytime and it is never too late to start fresh. It is basic human nature to crave experience and seek discoveries. This nature of humans can help to find one’s true self by seeking the truth of life that fears none. Being the ‘The Happiness Warrior’, Eric is guiding everyone to find the path that can help embrace happiness with faith in their true identity. Visit the website to consult with ‘The Happiness Warrior’ at