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As part of the world’s largest AI-assisted social media experiment, an NGO called AI Brainstorm Creator is using AI to bring people closer via shared emotional peak experiences of accomplishment. In the group’s ongoing Beta, according to CIO Amy Chang, hundreds of participants around the world go through similar protocols to simultaneously feel a heightened experience of Awe, Gratitude, Laughter, and Group Brainstorming, so as to create something like a group version of the Hero’s Journey made famous by Joseph Campbell. “People spend 2 hours a day on average, using social media. What we do is optimize a fraction of that time so that they not only work together with like-minded friends to solve problems, but glean an immediate emotional reward due to communal bonding.”

“Going back to prehistoric times” says the NGO’s Education Director Savithri Patel, “humans have craved a sense of mission, the belief that I and my tribe are achieving something transformational. Until the advent of modern social media and Generative AI, it was hard to organize that on a global scale. But now it’s not only possible, but perhaps necessary, given the challenges we all face.”

For members of AI Brainstorm Creator’s Beta, each day is a new experiment in exploring innovative ways to help others connect with their passions. “It never gets old” says Director of Innovation John Toomey, “because we all thrive when we attain the most sublime experiences of awe, wonder, gratitude, self-sacrifice, and group brainstorming, and the best way to optimize these is to share them with others. You can’t inspire others without also inspiring yourself.”

Until the modern versions of Generative AI like ChatGPT, Bard, Perplexity, or came along, the team at AI Brainstorm Creator couldn’t systematize the process on a worldwide scale. “But now we can consistently induce these feeling states among thousands concomitantly, using tools like,,, and” says Patel.

Participants enhance the brainstorms that ensue from these global social experiences on AI-assisted group mind maps, co-created with

In April, Awards will be conferred on the most actionable and insight-evoking brainstorm mind maps. Especially favored will be those that address the UN’s 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals.

“We believe we are doing something very much like creating a new human sub-species,” says Patel. “The discovery that with AI we can train our brains to build the fittest emotional peak states, customized to each of us and shared with the world so that we can better cooperate with our fellows to address the world’s toughest challenges, truly offers a new frontier for Humanity.”

The program was created by Be the Singularity and Artificial Intelligence for Good, and researchers from Harvard, Stanford, Taras Shevchenko University in Ukraine, Tokyo University, the University of Delhi, Universidade de Sao Paulo, University of the Witwatersrand, and Cambridge.

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