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BIOptimizers, a pioneering company in next-gen brain performance and digestive health supplements, is excited to announce a new book publishing deal with Hay House Publishing, a world-renowned publisher of self-help, inspirational, and transformational books and products.

The visionary founders of BiOptimizers, Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart, who rank #245 on the Inc 5000, co-authored the groundbreaking book “The Ultimate Nutrition Bible.”.

“The Ultimate Nutrition Bible” explains why popular diets like keto, vegetarian, and Mediterranean are likely to fail. Drawing from over 40 years of combined real-world experience in fitness, diet, lifestyle, wellness, and peak performance, Gallant and Lightheart deliver an evidence-based, comprehensive guide that will empower readers to make the most informed choices about their health and well-being.

Matt Gallant, Co-founder of BiOptimizers, shared, “Our mission with ‘The Ultimate Nutrition Bible‘ is to reveal the hidden pitfalls of popular diets and provide our readers with the knowledge and tools to create the perfect diet for them based on their goals, genetics, and psychology. We’re thrilled to partner with Hay House Publishing, which shares our passion for transforming lives through high-quality, research-backed information.”

The Ultimate Nutrition Bible is a comprehensive guide to achieving optimal nutrition through diet and supplementation. The book is based on BIOptimizers’ years of research and development in the health and wellness industry. It provides practical advice and strategies for anyone looking to improve their health, energy, and vitality.

For media inquiries and an expert quote on how “The Ultimate Nutrition Bible” will impact nutrition and health in measurable ways, contact Matt Gallant at or call 800-719-2467. To learn more about how BIOptimizers can transform brain performance, gut health, and sleep, go to:

About BIOptimzers:
BIOptimizers serves over 162,000 clients in 90 countries worldwide. The catalyst for BiOptimizers’ success is a relentless focus on supplement performance, purity, and potency. The guiding BiOptimizers North Star: create exponentially superior products and prove their effectiveness via consistent customer results.

The company was founded by Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart, trainers who previously worked with pro athletes and other top performers. Investing 10+ years in the gym, transforming the health and lives of their clients, the two founded a business partnership in 2004 that has since grown to 100 employees globally.

Biohackers, physicians, and top authorities in health and wellness worldwide trust BIOptimizers and their extensive line of health products. To find out why visit:

About Hay House Publishing:
Hay House Publishing, founded by Louise L. Hay, is a leading publisher of self-help, inspirational, and transformational books and products. Known for its impressive list of best-selling authors and impactful content, Hay House Publishing is dedicated to supporting personal growth and well-being through books, online courses, live events, and more.

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