Leverage this compilation of free press release websites and distribution services to amplify your company’s announcements across the internet at least once a month. While some may perceive a press release as merely a marketing tool, others regard it as an informative resource. Regardless of perspective, if your business achieves something noteworthy, then share it! Press releases not only keep the world up to speed but also enhance your chances of being noticed.

But is there an advantage in opting for a paid press release over using the free services? This depends on a multitude of factors including your budget, the nature of your news, the intensity of competition, the season, your reputation, and so on. Opinions vary, with arguments found for both options. Ultimately, a press release is only one of many elements in your marketing strategy.

Is it worth disseminating a press release to all using a paid distribution service? Your approach should reflect your business and its vision. Ask yourself, what purpose will this serve? If you tailor a specific press release for each venue with a dedicated landing page, wouldn’t this provide a better opportunity to track and analyze results?

As you prepare to utilize the list of free press release websites, reconsider using a service simply because it’s labeled ‘free press release’. The impression you make might deviate significantly from your intention.

Over the years, the list below has contracted as several websites have either gone out of business or have been acquired. Nevertheless, here is an updated list of free press release websites, presented in alphabetical order.

Last updated: 7/19/2023