TORONTO – Oct. 18, 2021 – Finding free PDFs and resources for informational, research, or whatever purpose is an uphill task. However, the internet has loads of materials available to searchers. Still, the problem is that getting a large percentage of the files searched for online requires submitting debit card details or going through a sales team.

Seeing the order all internet users face in their search for PDFs and articles, a Canada-based outfit has announced the launch of a new search engine,, which is designed to add to the existing collection of knowledge available today. The newly launched search engine offers users the leverage to freely search, preview, and download PDF files without download limits or restrictions.

A “PDF search engine” may sound redundant, but differs from the competition in several ways. For one thing, it’s completely free to use – no subscriptions or payment information is required. Additionally, indexes PDFs from various third-party websites and adds over 1000 new books and articles to its library catalogue daily.

Today, the PDF search engine and the library has indexed over 2 million books and articles covering thousands of different topics. Although in its startup stage, the Zbook library boasts of being a choice destination for finding resources to carry out academic, scientific, or work-related studies. Furthermore, the search engine does not feature annoying ads, popups, or distractions as it strives to be the most valuable and user-friendly PDF search engine in the world.

Uniquely designed to offer more value than traditional search engines, it features the following:

  • Material Previews: All files have cover photos which help users to save time.
  • Fast Search of Indexed Materials: It takes only milliseconds to search PDF files.
  • Up-to-date Library: archive is constantly growing while being consistently and efficiently updated.
  • Swift Synchronization: The same PDF version of any file is accessible from a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • Smart, Intelligent Suggestions: offers recommendations based on users interests and recent searches.

Enjoy the free resources available; please visit or send an email.

About is a free search engine that allows users to search, preview and download millions of PDF files into their devices.The search engine’s crawlers constantly scan the World Wide Web to add PDF files to its database. If PDF files are withdrawn from the web, they are also immediately withdrawn from search results. In this way, theZbook library stays up-to-date while continuously growing and offering users an enormous database to search.

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