Toronto, 20/06/2023 – Driond, a leading provider of web hosting services, is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new feature for its customers. In response to the increasing prevalence of web applications and the demand for app-like experiences, Driond now offers the Hepsia Control Panel as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

With the web evolving into an app-like medium, Driond recognizes the importance of providing users with a seamless and efficient control panel experience. The Hepsia Control Panel, specifically designed to complement Driond’s web hosting services, can now be easily installed as a PWA-based browser application with just a click.

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, combine the best features of web browsers and mobile applications to deliver an enhanced user experience. By utilizing the PWA standard, websites can be transformed into standalone applications, eliminating unnecessary browser elements such as menus, search boxes, toolbars, and window borders.

There are numerous advantages to using PWA-based, app-like websites, including:

  1. Ease of Installation: PWA-based websites are lightweight and faster to install compared to traditional mobile applications.
  2. Low Data Usage & Storage: PWAs leverage caching techniques to reduce bandwidth consumption, making them less data-intensive.
  3. Improved Performance: PWA app-like sites load faster through service workers, prefetching necessary data for seamless navigation.
  4. Simplified Interface: With distractions removed, users can interact seamlessly with the interface and focus on the main content.
  5. Multi-Window Display Capability: Users can open multiple instances of the Hepsia dashboard in different windows, enhancing productivity.
  6. Cross-Platform Usage: PWA-based app-like sites are accessible across different browsers, operating systems, and devices.

The introduction of Hepsia Control Panel as a PWA provides Driond customers with a faster and more streamlined experience, mirroring the convenience of native web applications. As mobile usage continues to dominate web traffic globally, the Hepsia app allows users to access their control panel from their smartphone’s home screen, increasing engagement and ease of use.

“We are excited to launch the Hepsia Control Panel as a Progressive Web App,” said John Doe, CEO of Driond. “By embracing this cutting-edge technology, we aim to empower our customers with a faster and more intuitive control panel experience, tailored to the demands of the mobile-first era.”

Experience the next level of web hosting control with Driond’s Hepsia Control Panel as a Progressive Web App. To learn more, visit

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