Las Vegas, 30/08/2023

July 9, 2023 — The team at Terabyte Unlimited has updated the powerful BootIt Collection of tools with modern disk image capabilities through UEFI 3.61 and DOS 3.61. This ensures that you and your team have access to comprehensive disk partitioning, imaging, and backup resources when needed urgently.

A critical challenge that BootIt Collection solves is IT teams having to manage multiple software apps to properly handle system partitions, disk cloning, and emergency/real-time backups. Instead of sifting through various applications, you can complete all necessary tasks through the all-in-one interface. This saves your team valuable time and money, particularly if you operate a business or organization with a growing number of support tickets.

This tool works with both BIOS and UEFI frameworks. The BootIt Collection includes both BootIt Bare Metal and BootIt UEFI. That ensures legacy machines that need to be managed and modern resources can equally receive the much-needed attention required by a strong IT team or operation.

You don’t have to worry about the growing size of consumer and business hard drives. Partitioning is made so much easier with BootIt Partition Manager. It is fully compatible with all Windows and x64 systems and allows you and your team to create, copy, delete, move, and undelete various partitions. Resizing destruction is not such an issue with multiple file systems. You can easily enforce modern Windows OS partition alignment standards for continuity.

If you are experiencing booting errors, be sure to test out the Boot Manager that is inside the BootIt Collection. Your team will gain valuable flexibility with multi-boot systems that rely on different operating systems for various business or organizational needs/resources. The software automatically detects existing OS installations and gives you a simplified user interface to customize these functions with different user credentials for added security.

Disk imaging and custom scripting are also available through the BootIt Collection to support all your IT needs. Don’t waste time trying to make multiple software applications somehow fit together in a poorly designed puzzle. Pick up the BootIt Collection today by visiting