Napa, CA ( Wednesday Jan 24, 2024 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

The highly anticipated Yoga West studio has officially opened its doors, offering a sanctuary for movement, mindfulness, and community in the heart of Napa Valley. Founded by the passionate and visionary yogi, Katie Curry, Yoga West provides a unique blend of tranquility and invigoration, catering to yogis of all levels.

Katie Curry, reflecting on the journey of opening, shares, “This studio is not just a space for yoga; it’s an extension of that: a haven for personal growth and community connection.”

The studio’s ambiance resonates with a sense of calm and inspiration. Its design, infused with natural elements and soft, welcoming tones, offers a serene, spa-like backdrop for a variety of yoga practices. From dynamic Vinyasa to calming Yin Yoga, the studio’s diverse class offerings are led by a team of experienced instructors, each bringing their unique approach and expertise.

Visitors to the Yoga West yoga studio can expect more than just a yoga class; they are welcomed into a community dedicated to wellness and personal transformation. The studio’s commitment to providing a holistic napa yoga experience is evident in every detail, from the thoughtfully designed space to the diverse range of classes catering to different needs and skill levels.

About Yoga West

Yoga West is a welcoming yoga sanctuary located in downtown Napa, offering a variety of classes for different skill levels and preferences. They provide heart-pumping power flows, alignment-based hatha, and restorative meditations. The Napa yoga studio also offers private one-on-one sessions, group events, and unique experiences like combining yoga with mimosas and snacks. Located at 1215 West Street, next to Napa Valley Bike Shop, they provide loaner equipment and have a boutique with yoga gear, clothing, and healthy snacks. For more information, visit their website at Yoga West.

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