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Feeling down in the dumps is a common experience for many of us, especially during trying times and amid the chaos of life’s struggles. While temporary sadness is normal, depression can take hold when left unchecked, devastatingly affecting our mental health and well-being. Unfortunately, understanding depression’s causes remains a mystery to many involved. But science has shed light on the root causes of depressive disorders, providing insight into how depression works and how to recognize its warning signs early on.

Experts say, “Depression is caused by a complex interplay of biological factors such as genetics, hormones, and neurotransmitters along with environmental factors such as stressors.” They add that understanding these triggers can help individuals identify when they might be at risk for developing depression.

Research indicates that certain events or life changes may increase your risk of developing depression. These include physical illness; significant life changes; job loss; financial difficulties; relationship problems; bereavement; substance abuse; and traumatic events like abuse or violence. Additionally, certain medical conditions can cause secondary depression due to their effects on brain chemistry or hormones.

It’s important to note that not everyone who experiences these triggers will develop clinical depression – it depends on an individual’s unique make-up and environment – but being informed about potential risks can help you take preventive measures if needed.

By learning more about the root causes of depressive disorders, we can move beyond sadness to understand better how depression works – thus paving an informed path toward long-term relief from its worst effects. If you think you may be suffering from clinical depression, please get in touch with us at Optimum TMS.

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