Boca Raton, Florida Jun 14, 2022 (  – Energy drinks get all the hype these days, but a healthier alternative with enormous potential is hitting the shelves in the sizzling nutraceutical beverage market. The growth in nutraceutical beverages has been truly amazing, with formulation from Steven Seagal, who can now add “Energy Drink formulator” to a list of talents that already includes veteran actor, singer/songwriter, guitarist, Aikido black belt, and master herbalist.

Maintaining an unrelenting schedule that would tire younger entrepreneurs, the 54-year-old Seagal has just completed two movies, “Into the Sun” and “Submerged.” His album, “Songs from the Crystal Cave,” released earlier this year, has already hit the pop charts in Europe. Lightning Bolt Energy Drink ( is the result of Seagal’s travels in Asia in search of the botanicals believed to keep many locals disease-free for life. Seagal says he discovered the benefits of Asian Cordyceps (one of the rarest and treasured botanicals used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine for thousands of years) while researching immune builders in Asia. It promotes energy, vitality, and longevity. Other unique ingredients of the drink include the Tibetan Goji Berry, a powerful anti-oxidant, and a juice concentrate with a patented process that contains naturally occurring policosanols. Policosanols have been shown in clinical studies to lower cholesterol.

Lightning Bolt is all-natural with no sugar added and also contains vitamins B3, B6, B12, and B5. “I have traveled the world creating this drink; there is none better that I know,” says Seagal, who frequented Tibet and Japan in the 1960s and 1970s while learning Buddhism, martial arts, and herbology. “I have included in this drink everything I could to strengthen the body.”

The vision of SSE is to bring high-quality nutritional products and personal care (essential oils) products to the consumer on a global level … products designed to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Lightning Bolt is available in both 8.4 oz and 16 oz sizes — singles and 4-packs. The drinks come in three unique flavors, Asian Experience, Cherry Charge, and Root Beer Rush. Lightning Bolt is truly a new generation of Gourmet Energy Drinks due to its appealing taste and health benefits.

“There are thousands of years of anecdotal evidence and more recent scientific and clinical data to support the health benefits of the nutraceuticals in Lightning Bolt,” says Mitch Gould, of Steven Seagal Enterprises. “We’re focused on bringing the consumer a healthy alternative to what’s currently available.”

About Steven Seagal Enterprises

Mitch Gould brings over 22 years of sales and business development experience to the Steven Seagal Enterprises team. He is experienced in a wide range of nutritional product formulation and development such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, energy drinks, and energy bars. Mitch has a proven track record of bringing quality nutritional and consumer products to retail markets from concept to shelf. Many of his products have been featured in major publications such as Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, US News, etc. His experience, knowledge, and contacts have enabled him to achieve rapid success in the launch of the Lightning Bolt Energy Drink. He oversees the entire project including manufacturing, logistics, distribution, advertising, sales & marketing on a global level. Mitch has assembled a quality team of beverage and sports experts with a combined experience of over 75 years in bringing name-brand quality products to the retail market. These products include pharmaceutical, protein-fortified beverages, dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, as well as herbal formulations.