Bend, OR ( Friday Jan 26, 2024 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Soul Psychedelic Systems, a prominent provider of innovative mental health treatments, is excited to introduce Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) as a breakthrough therapy for patients grappling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This pioneering approach integrates the use of ketamine, a potent medication, with the guidance of licensed therapists, fostering profound healing and transformation.

KAP entails the administration of a carefully controlled ketamine dose within a safe and clinical setting. Under the expert care of dedicated therapists, patients embark on a guided psychotherapeutic journey, exploring past traumas, emotions, and thought patterns. Ketamine’s ability to lower inhibitions and foster emotional openness is believed to enhance this process, concurrently alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Remarkable results have been observed in many patients undergoing this therapy, with ketamine’s integration significantly accelerating their healing and instilling a renewed sense of hope.

Early studies on KAP showcase promising outcomes, as a substantial number of patients report marked improvements in mental health and overall well-being. These therapy sessions, lasting 2.5 hours, are repeated weekly for a prescribed period, enabling patients to progressively transform their lives.

In addition to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Soul Psychedelic Systems offers a range of ketamine treatments for various conditions, including fibromyalgia, neurological pain, addiction, and more. With their holistic approach and unwavering commitment to patient well-being, they have emerged as a trusted destination for individuals seeking effective treatment options.

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