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RChilli, a leading provider of AI-powered recruitment solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Epicenter, the leading Oracle Cloud integration and data management specialist. This collaboration aims to enhance and streamline the recruitment practices of Oracle recruiters, ushering in a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and data privacy compliance.

The partnership between RChilli and Epicenter is a testament to the shared commitment of both companies to provide innovative solutions for the HR industry. With Oracle being a global leader in cloud-based applications, including Human Capital Management (HCM), the integration of RChilli’s cutting-edge recruiting technology with Epicenter’s HR data management solutions promises to deliver substantial benefits to Oracle recruiters worldwide.

One of the primary advantages of this partnership is the simplification and acceleration of the candidate sourcing and screening process. RChilli’s Resume Parsing technology, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, will enable Oracle recruiters to effortlessly extract and analyze critical information from resumes and job applications. This will significantly reduce manual data entry and improve the accuracy of candidate data.

Moreover, the integration with Epicenter’s HR data management platform will provide Oracle recruiters with an automated suite of solutions for integration, data purging, and data scrambling. This comprehensive approach will empower recruiters to onboard top talent whilst ensuring they remain compliant with GDPR and other data privacy obligations.

“Our collaboration with Epicenter signifies a strategic alignment to revolutionize how businesses maximize their Oracle HCM ecosystem. Epicenter’s track record of delivering pioneering solutions mirrors RChilli’s drive for innovation,” said Michael Josifovski, Head Of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances RChilli. “Together, we’re poised to exceed the ever-evolving needs of our clients. This collaboration signifies a new chapter in enhancing the Oracle HCM experience, promising new heights of excellence.”

David Docherty, Epicenter’s Chief Commercial Officer, added, ” Data privacy and GDPR compliance is critical to recruiters storing candidate data in Oracle Recruiting Cloud. Our ability to automatically manage data privacy and integration requirements will add tremendous value to recruiters to ensure they are compliant. RChilli are the best in the business when it comes to enhancing the Oracle recruiting process and we are very excited to join forces to provide the best experience to Oracle recruiters across the globe “

In conclusion, the partnership between RChilli and Epicenter holds great promise for Oracle recruiters, offering them a seamless, integrated, efficient, and data privacy-compliant recruitment experience. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and data-driven insights, recruiters can unlock their full potential and ensure they attract and retain the best talent in a competitive market.

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About RChilli

RChilli is a trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies in 50+ countries with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1+ billion docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type II Certified, and GDPR Compliant.

About Epicenter

Epicenter is an Oracle partner specializing in Oracle Cloud integration and data management services. Epicenter has made a long-term commitment to optimizing the art of integrations between Oracle and 3rd party systems with 300+ interfaces live in 65+ countries.  Thanks to our next-generation software FIT4Cloud, Epicenter can help you unlock the strategic value of your data whilst ensuring you remain GDPR compliant.

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