Plano, Texas ( Saturday Dec 23, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Spravato stands out from traditional antidepressants due to its fast-acting properties. However, it is important to note that Spravato is not recommended for everyone and should only be considered after other conventional treatments have been tried. Prime Psychiatry ensures a thorough psychiatric evaluation to determine if patients are suitable candidates for this cutting-edge treatment.

“We are excited to offer Spravato as a potential game-changer in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression,” said Dr. Emily Johnson, a board-certified psychiatrist at Prime Psychiatry. “This medication has shown incredible promise in rapidly improving depressive symptoms and easing the burden on those who have not responded adequately to other treatment options.”

Spravato is FDA-approved for specific types of depression and should be used in conjunction with other measures, such as psychotherapy and lifestyle changes. It is important to note that Spravato is not currently approved for the treatment of other mental health conditions.

During the treatment process, patients self-administer the nasal spray under the supervision of the Prime Psychiatry team. To ensure patient safety, individuals are required to stay briefly at the office for monitoring of any potential side effects. As Spravato may affect driving abilities, patients are advised to arrange for alternate transportation to and from the office.

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