Beverly Hills, CA ( Thursday Dec 28, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, SPRAVATO™ has been proven to be significantly more effective in treating depression with minimal side effects. Patients are administered the nasal spray under the supervision of a doctor in a comfortable setting. The treatment entails twice-a-week sessions for the first four weeks, followed by once-a-week sessions for a month, with the frequency adjusted according to the patient’s response.

“Our mission at New Brain Institute is to provide innovative and effective treatments to individuals struggling with depression,” said Dr. Emily Thompson, Founder and CEO of New Brain Institute. “We are excited to offer ketamine therapy using SPRAVATO™, as it has shown remarkable results in improving the lives of our patients.”

The safety and effectiveness of SPRAVATO™ have been evaluated in both short- and long-term clinical trials. During treatment sessions, patients are closely monitored by healthcare professionals for a minimum of two hours. It is advised that patients refrain from driving or operating machinery until the following day.

A recent clinical study demonstrated that adults with treatment-resistant depression, who received SPRAVATO™ alongside an oral antidepressant, experienced significant reductions in depression symptoms compared to those who received a placebo. The treatment has been covered by many insurance plans, and New Brain Institute accepts most insurance options.

“We encourage patients who have not responded to at least two antidepressants to consider SPRAVATO™ as a potential life-changing treatment,” said Dr. Thompson. “Depression can be debilitating, and it is important to explore all available options for those in need.”

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