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Mission Viejo, CA – (AI Newsworthy)– Lionheart Health, an innovation leader in the fields of health span extension, sports medicine, and regenerative aesthetics, announced today its official entry in the $101 million dollar XPRIZE Health span competition. The team utilizes a unique approach of patented bioelectric signaling sequences that control specific protein expressions on demand and bioelectric-enhanced biologics (including patented klotho-expressing cells).

Lionheart Health’s pioneering breakthrough approach harnesses the convergence of bioelectric-induced anti-aging protein expressions and bioelectric-enhanced biologics intended to improve health span. Lionheart Health has a holistic approach to whole body health with its health span extension protocol. The team has declared their long-term goal is “the development of a total body regeneration chamber that is AI and robotic directed, which is like a womb for adults.” Their approach rebuilds the body, including all internal organs, by harnessing bioelectric stimulation, stem cells, and biologics in a similar way to how the human bodies are built in the first place.

The founding team of Lionheart Health has a long history in regenerative and organ recovery technologies, starting in the 1980s with limb regeneration in collaboration with Dr. Robert O. Becker, Author of The Body Electric. The team regenerated their first animal heart with cells in 1988, published in The Physiologist working with Dr. Race Kao. They implanted the first biological pacemaker in 1990, implanted and patented one of the first percutaneous heart valves in the early 1990’s, repaired the first human aortic aneurysm without surgery in 1995, patented and developed the first stem cell delivery system in 1997 PRO-CELL TM, published their first bioelectric regeneration paper in 1999 with Dr. Shinichi Kanno, patented and completed the first bioelectric stem cell homing experiments in 2000, completed the first cell repair of a human heart without surgery in 2001 (went on to publish pilot, Phase I, Phase II, Phase II/III multi-center studies), received first clearance from the FDA for a combination gene and cell delivery clinical study in 2009 – the REGEN study, and in 2017 published the first bioelectric ED recovery study with Dr. Cristiane Carboni. Additionally, since the 1980s, have discovered and patented over 70 unique anti-aging bioelectric signal sequences for specific protein expressions including klotho, sestrins, sirtuins, follistatin, apelin, LIM, COL117A1, COL-1, COL-3, Tropoelastin, eNOS, HIF1a, SDF1, PDGF, HGF, EGF, GDF10, GDF11, BDNF and more. The founding team has sponsored, supported, or collaborated in over 10,000 pre-clinical experiments and thousands of clinical study cases. New bioelectric protein expressions in pre-clinical and clinical studies are discovered every day and are further being published in major peer-reviewed journals.

Most Comprehensive Klotho Age Fighting Technology Platform: Lionheart Health states, “The clear conclusion to this body of work is that if you are low in circulating Klotho, you are likely aging more rapidly than you should be.” Over 3667 papers have been published https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=klotho on klotho since its discovery in 1997. Low klotho is associated with a 31% greater risk of all-cause mortality before your expected median age. Low klotho is associated with early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, loss of memory and cognitive function, hair loss, skin wrinkles, depression, addiction, heart aging, calcification of arteries and heart valves, kidney failure, low testosterone, loss of sexual health, hypertension, inflammation, diabetes and higher risk of cancer. The Lionheart Health team is working to prove in well-designed studies that increasing klotho levels can help fight back or delay many aging-related ailments. The team has patented bioelectric klotho expression and klotho expressing MSCs. It is developing an entire pipeline of klotho-increasing products, including the BodStim TM www.bodstim.com bioelectric suit, KlothoMSCs TM, KlothoPod TM, KlothoPatch TM, KlothoImplant TM, KlothoDerma TM skin and hair serum and KlothoGenoT M gene injection product.

XPRIZE Healthspan: By entering the XPRIZE Health span competition, Lionheart Health seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of its unique health span extension and whole-body regeneration protocol. The XPRIZE Health span competition is an ideal platform for Lionheart Health to hone its focus on healthspan extension and, in the process, showcase its research and results.

About Lionheart Health: Lionheart Health, Inc. http://www.lionhearthealthstim.com and http://www.lionheartlongevity.com is a spin-out of Leonhardt Ventures LLC http://www.leonhardtventures.com that is now entering its 42nd year of establishing breakthrough innovations. Lionheart Health is focused on applying the convergence of bioelectric and biologics in extending health span and longevity as well as regenerative aesthetics and applications in sports medicine.

Official XPrize for HealthSpan announcement > https://www.xprize.org/prizes/healthspan/articles/xprize-hevolution-solve-fshd-launch-101-million-healthspan-largest-history


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