Denver, Colorado ( Wednesday Jun 21, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Mountain —For years, advertisers in the cannabis industry have struggled to effectively target the diverse and dynamic cannabis business community through conventional banner ads on mainstream ad networks. The absence of a definitive demographic profile for cannabis professionals, who encompass a wide range of genders, ages, geographies, job types, company types, and purchasing behaviors, has posed a significant challenge.

While cannabis consumers and enthusiasts can be reached through popular cannabis shopping platforms like Weedmaps, Leafly, and Dutchie, the same cannot be said for the cannabis business community. A dire need for a B2B solution has persisted.

“Recognizing this market gap, Leafwire embarked on a mission to provide a novel approach to engage the immensely diverse cannabis industry. The result is the groundbreaking “Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel,” said Peter Vogel, CEO of Leafwire.

In collaboration with MediaJel and one of the world’s largest ad networks boasting over 10,000 websites, Leafwire has successfully established the largest retargeting audience in the cannabis business industry. Leveraging partnerships with prominent cannabis news sites and leading industry conferences, Leafwire has built an audience of more than 500,000 identifiable “digital fingerprints,” forming the foundation of the “Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel.” Now, advertisers have the unparalleled ability to purchase ads across an extensive network of 10,000+ sites, including renowned platforms like CNN, ESPN, and USA Today, with laser-focused targeting exclusively on the cannabis business audience.

Jake Litke, CEO of MediaJel, emphasizes “the pivotal role of reaching the right audience at the right time in effective marketing. The “Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel” excels in this aspect, offering advertisers an incredibly precise approach akin to strategically positioned real estate investments. In the vast expanse of the online realm, your ads can now precisely land where desired, reaching the cannabis business community regardless of their digital whereabouts.”

The 500,000 digital fingerprints amassed by Leafwire have been matched to over 3.2 million devices, encompassing phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Consequently, the “Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel” enables targeted campaigns on all 3.2 million of these devices.

Programmatic advertising, renowned for its frequency in reaching targeted audiences, offers immense value. With average CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) of approximately $20, a $10,000 campaign can deliver 500,000 impressions to the desired audience. The aim is to showcase banners or ads to an individual between 20-30 times to drive engagement—a contemporary equivalent to the long-standing marketing principle of a “7X” Golden Rule. Crunching the numbers, 500,000 impressions equate to an opportunity to present banners or ads to 16,666 professionals, each receiving exposure 30 times (16,666 individuals × 30 times = 500,000 impressions).

Furthermore, programmatic advertising hinges on optimization. Initially, a campaign may display ads on 2,000 sites, but as the optimization engine kicks in, it identifies sites that generate clicks, gradually allocating more ads to these high-performing platforms. Thus, the campaign continually improves with time, akin to a fine wine that gets better with age.

About Leafwire was founded in 2018 to be the “LinkedIn of Cannabis.” As a B2B destination for cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics companies, Leafwire has become a vibrant online community with over 50,000 members from more than 100 countries. Like LinkedIn, it’s free to join, post, comment, and connect with other members. For more information on the ‘Leafwire B2B Cannabis Omnichannel’ email, visit us at, or create your free user and company profile at


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