Tampa, FL, February 06, 2023 — Signifying a new chapter in 2023, a respected law firm announces a name change reflecting its enduring roots and progressive growth.

Previously known as KE Law Group, PLLC, a practice specialized in public finance, representation of special districts, local government law, and construction law affairs, the firm proudly declares its transition to Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC. This new identity underscores the unwavering commitment of the founding partners and the entire firm to nurture enduring relationships while delivering business-focused, responsive, and efficient legal counsel. Established in 2021, the firm’s inception brought together nearly 60 years of shared experience, with a clear intent to uniquely cater to clients’ needs in an agile and innovative setting. “Our approach is centered around attentive listening, collaboration, strategic planning, and leveraging our extensive legal and business expertise to realize our clients’ objectives. Our daily endeavor is to be, and to foster, the finest attorneys in our specialty, thus empowering our clients to excel in their respective business domains,” asserted Jennifer Kilinski, the firm’s co-founder. She added, “This change in name mirrors our shared dedication to serving our clients in this spirit and to each other.”

The firm anticipates making future announcements, including the unveiling of its new website at www.cddlawyers.com. Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC will continue to concentrate its practice on special districts, construction law, governmental law, public contract law, ethics, and associated areas.

About Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC

Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC is a professional legal firm renowned for its focus on special districts, construction law, governmental law, public contract law, ethics, and other related areas. With almost six decades of combined expertise, the founding members, formerly of Hopping Green & Sams, PA, formed Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC with a resolute intent to solely address the needs of clients in a dynamic and innovative setting.

Kilinski | Van Wyk serves clients across Florida from its two offices, with a third office soon to open. It operates from Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, and its centrally located Tampa office, under the competent leadership of partner Lauren Gentry. Kilinski | Van Wyk takes pride in its efficiency, responsiveness, and ingenious strategic thinking. The founding partners envisioned a firm committed to providing exceptional, solution-oriented legal counsel concentrated on representing special districts to accomplish their operational, policy implementation, and business success. More information can be obtained at www.cddlawyers.com or by calling 877-350-0372.

Company Contact: Chris Kuhn 877-350-0372 or chris@cddlawyers.com Contact Kilinski | Van Wyk PLLC Jennifer Kilinski 850-508-2335 cddlawyers.com