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HR.com is launching Alliances for HR professionals and leaders to collaborate, share, learn, and support their peer groups as they grow and advance in their jobs and their specialties in human resources (HR).

The Alliances will be officially introduced this week at HRWest 2024, March 5-6 in Oakland, California, where the broader human capital community will gather to discuss the latest developments and innovations in HR strategy, technology, talent, and compliance.

HR professionals, at any level in their careers, will have endless opportunities to apply to join any Alliance in their interest areas. Being included in these hyper-focused collaborative peer groups will enable them to forge new connections, be part of brainstorming innovative strategies, overcome challenges, and thrive in their roles and careers.

Alliances will be guided by highly respected leaders who will curate members and promote engagement to ensure value. Members will enjoy a variety of special events and private online forums, facilitating discussion throughout the year.

Examples of some HR.com Alliances include:

More themed Alliances will continue to be formed to allow for collaboration on relevant hot topics in the industry targeted by title, industry, function, region, or area of interest.

To create a new Alliance, email sales@hr.com to discuss the community development opportunity.

“We’re thrilled to offer the HR community more opportunities to network and advance their careers,” said Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator at HR.com. “With the changing technology, compliance, and work world, these peer groups will have the insights, direction, and support to drive meaningful change in their organizations.”

Apply to Join an HR Alliance:www.hr.com/alliances

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