Bill 154 is at the Superior Court of Ontario awaiting trial.
For Immediate Release

At the start of the May long weekend, the Ford government announced that the Minister of
Infrastructure was placing an enhanced MZO (eMZO) across the entire site of Ontario Place.
This is appalling, but not surprising; it is but another example of this government’s heavy-
handed approach to planning throughout the Province.

The law that allows this is currently being contested at the Superior Court of Ontario awaiting
a trial date. Before Bill 154 was given royal assent in December 2023 a legal suit was filed on
the grounds that it is “unlawful”, a “breach of the public trust” and “unconstitutional”.
The broad coalition that filed the suit is Ontario Place Protectors (OPP). We are asking that the
law be declared by the Court to be “unlawful and of no force or effect”

The government attempted to have the case dismissed in January, but on March 27th, in a
decision by Justice Myers of Divisional Court, the request was refused. Furthermore, Justice
Myers recommended that the case be moved up to the Superior Court of Ontario, which is
where it is now – awaiting a trial date

Prior to the passage of Bill 152 in December 2023, only the Minister of Municipal Affairs was
able to grant MZOs. Schedule 2 of the Bill, now known as the “Rebuilding Ontario Place Act,
2023”, gives the Minister of Infrastructure (Kinga Surma) authority to place an “enhanced”
MZO on the site, which she did on Friday.

The government’s implementation of this section of the Act when it knows that the entire Bill
is being contested before the Superior Court is deplorable. One has to ask: what is the rush?
Why does the government feel the need to employ emergency-type measures to carry out
plans supposedly made in the interest of Ontarians?

For further information please contact:
Ontario Place Protectors
c/o Eric K. Gillespie
(416) 436-7473 (Text/Phone)